Smoked Trout Cucumber Bites


Coming up with easy to make, easy to eat appetizers is a fun game I like to play.  Sure, I almost always put out a cheese/charcuterie board because it's chock full of crowd pleasing eats: cheese, dry-cured meats, olives, nuts, fruits & crudité bits.  But I truly enjoy serving a 'pop in your mouth' nibble.  These Smoked Trout Cucumber Bites answer the call. 

I have used smoked trout before in several different ways.  In the fall and winter months when the cucumber is swapped out with a small, warm potato rounds, it makes a perfect combo of a warm and cold bite. Sometimes I use small new potatoes, as shown here.  Sometimes, fingerling potatoes.  But for the warmer weather months, I choose a boat that keeps it cool, like a cucumber, or endive.



5-6 oz. Smoked Trout, flaked approx. 1.25 c
(pre-packaged like Ducktrap or from a specialty deli)
1 English cucumber, thick slices
1/3 c + 2T sour cream
1/3 c scallions, thinly sliced
chives, finely chopped




1. Cut the cucumber into thick slices about 3/8" thick and arrange on a platter.


2. Remove the skin from the smoked trout and break it up with your clean fingers, or flake it with a fork.  I use my fingers because I am able to feel and remove any fine bones.

3. Add the scallions and/or chives, plus enough sour cream to hold the smoked trout together. (The store didn't have any chives that looked good, so I only used scallions on this day.  I do love chives for this dish, though.)

Smoked Trout skin still on, waiting to be flaked.

Smoked Trout skin still on, waiting to be flaked.

Smoked Trout flaked.

Smoked Trout flaked.

Awaiting the savory combo of scallions and sour cream.

Awaiting the savory combo of scallions and sour cream.

4. Again, using your clean hands or a small ice cream scoop, create little mounds on top of each cucumber round. The ice cream scoop is not only faster, but also makes keeps it all uniform and looking pretty.  We eat with our eyes, folks.


5. Place about 2 T of sour cream into a small plastic bag, taking all the air out and cutting a small hole on one of the corners. Squeeze a little dollop of sour cream on top of each mound.  Sprinkle with more scallions and chives.


I made these two weeks ago for an outdoor party placing them on a tiered plate rack, which came back to the kitchen with two empty plates. And again two nights ago for a late summer dinner party.  They were loved both times. Cool and refreshing; a one or two bite nibble that everyone will love. 


This could not be simpler to assemble. You've made tuna salad before, right? Well, this is the same concept, only presented in a tantalizing, easy to enjoy way.  Best part is that you can scoop this mixture on top of other 'pop in your mouth' vehicles.  Need some ideas?

  • Fingerling or New Potato rounds

  • Potato Chip, or Tortilla Chip Cups

  • Puff Pastry round

  • Radish Slice

  • Endive or Mini Romaine Leaves

  • Celery Stalk pieces

You get the idea.  I served these as one of the 3 appetizers for a small dinner two nights ago.
Here was the scorecard:

  • 4 of us

  • 18 Smoked Trout rounds

  • Zero leftover

We smoked these babies.

One of the other apps was a  cheese/charcuterie  plate.

One of the other apps was a cheese/charcuterie plate.