Dana's Nuts - Granola and Spiced & Candied Nut Offering


Well, haven’t we all thought that at one time or another. This time it is true. I’m nuts. Nuts for sharing good things. Nuts for sharing the love. And one that will take you from morning to night time snacking.

Although, the sharing part is a bit ironic since this period marks the first time that I haven’t posted on a weekly basis. It actually felt odd and sad and weird, like something was missing in my life. The lack of posts were not because I haven’t been making a mess in the kitchen and inventing. Exactly the opposite. I have been cooking up things to offer you. A different type of offering. Instead of providing recipes that you may not have a chance to make, I will provide the actual result of the recipe. How’s that for an offering? I realize that some of you enjoy homemade but just don’t have the time for homemade. You appreciate the quality and taste of small batch food made with love but just aren’t always able to do that for yourself. I totally get it. So, I’ve launched an idea that people have been suggesting, asking, begging for for years - offering some of my baked goods for sale. (Of course, some of you have also urged me to open a restaurant. Now, I’m willing to tackle some suggestions… Others, not so much, but thanks for the vote of confidence.)

I have been giving baked goods as gifts for quite a while now, and each time I’ve heard, “I wish you would sell these. I would buy them.” So, I pinch my nose and take the deep plunge, starting small with ideas for growth. I’m keeping things simple just to get the ball rolling. My first offerings are my Crunchin’ Coconut Granola and Dana’s Nuts - Spicy & Candied.

My granola is made with oats, coconut, pepitas and sunflower seeds, oil and honey. Pure and simple. Baked to crunchy toasted perfection.

Crunchy goodness.

Crunchy goodness.

Once you get your bag home, place it in an airtight jar to keep it fresh.

Once you get your bag home, place it in an airtight jar to keep it fresh.

Since I know some of you eat granola regularly, my goal is to offer it on a monthly subscription basis, too. This way you are assured to get your granola every month, just in time to top off your morning yogurt, or evening ice cream. So, I welcome the comments to see if this is a service you would enjoy signing up for. The monthly cost of the granola would naturally be discounted from a single purchase. For now, single purchase is what I can offer, but with your feedback, subscription granola could be on the future horizon.

Enjoy it with yogurt, or milk. Or eat it like my husband does - with a spoon right out of the jar.

Enjoy it with yogurt, or milk. Or eat it like my husband does - with a spoon right out of the jar.

My Spiced & Candied Nuts are a mix of walnuts, cashews and peanuts baked with a spice mix and maple syrup. These nuts are the perfect blend of heat and sweet that keeps your hand grabbing for more. Ideal for a cocktail party or just as a snack. (There will be other nut mixes in the future.)

What goes better with a drink then a handful of nuts?

What goes better with a drink then a handful of nuts?

Ideal for a snack or a cocktail party.

Ideal for a snack or a cocktail party.

I hope you enjoy these treats. As always, I look forward to sharing with you in best way I know how, stirring life with goodness and love.

Please visit the SHOP page for more details. Happy Crunching.

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Full Frontal Coverage - Aprons, of course

Aprons,  an array of color and personality

Aprons, an array of color and personality

Oh the apron.  This swath of cloth was worn by women in bygone years as they cooked away in the kitchen. My grandmothers were among them, either wearing an apron or a house dress while they were in the kitchen.  And although I cooked along side them, I never used to wear an apron.  I'm not sure why I didn't back then but have recently come to understand and appreciate their true value.  I especially believe in their power when I am sautéing or frying.  Seriously, who needs be oil splattered?  And when it comes to baking... let's just say I'm pretty adept at making a mess with flour!


I own a few aprons, each with a purpose.  I have two that I solely use for catering gigs.  These are more utilitarian, black and gray striped and not very exciting. The one I use in my kitchen is a treasure because it was given to me by my dear friends, Emily and Lorne, as a guest gift at their wedding.  They got engaged in Venice, Italy and their wedding had a clear and decidedly Venetian focus.  So it came as little surprise that they would share this Italian-style love by giving their guests monogrammed aprons; La Cucina di Dana!  Every time I wear this apron I think of them and what a thoughtful gift.  Well, especially for me, since I love food and cooking so much.

I have noticed that aprons are coming back in fashion. Full on, full frontal.  Different styles can be found in shops of all kinds.  I like the ones that harken back to olden days.  Maybe it's because it reminds me of my grandmothers.  When I think of the kind I wear for my catering gigs, thick and almost amour like, I can't help to giggle a little when I realize how paper thin the ones they used to wear.  How would those really protect their clothes?  But they wore them anyway and seemed to do the trick.  I guess all you really need is full frontal coverage of some kind.  So why can't it be fun, and functional.  Sassy and make a statement.

With that in mind, and in remembrance of my grandmothers, I coerced, ah hum, I mean I recruited my mom to help me make some aprons.  She helped me get started and gain confidence, like she always does. Now I'm on my own creating hand sewn with love, one of a kind aprons.  Each one is different.   Each made with an wild and eye catching combination of vintage materials, antique trim and lace and other interesting finds. Each to help keep you clean in the kitchen. So, if you are in need of some splattering protection, or for a gift, click the SHOP button here or on the main menu to see my first round of Full Frontal Coverage; the apron reinvented with a bit of fun, lots of color and a big, bold "Here I am".  Check out some of the looks below.

Gabrielle, gorgeously modeling  Muted Floral Greens Apron .

Gabrielle, gorgeously modeling Muted Floral Greens Apron.

Hope you enjoy keeping yourself neat and clean and looking stylish during your next kitchen adventure.

Gabrielle making modeling look easy as she shows off  Nautical Strips & Paisley Apron .

Gabrielle making modeling look easy as she shows off Nautical Strips & Paisley Apron.

Please note that these are all one size and come with a complimentary dish towel.  Why, you ask? Because when I cook I like to have a towel tucked in a pocket or around my waist tie so I can easily wipe my hands when needed.  Since I thought you would find it helpful too I included one with each purchase.

Also, I want to give a big thanks to my stunning niece, Gabrlelle, for modeling my aprons and to my talented nephew, John who photographed each of them.   What would I do without my "kids", always enthusiastic supporters of all my endeavors.

Post note:  Since these are one of a kind and are made with a variety of  materials, if you see an apron you like that is out of stock, please email me directly as custom aprons can be made.