Giving Thanks

Thinking of all my fortunes perched on a rock overlooking the Pacific in Chile.

Thinking of all my fortunes perched on a rock overlooking the Pacific in Chile.

This holiday all started by being thankful for a good harvest.  Although today Thanksgiving sometimes is more associated with mountains of food it still honors a good harvest, with the fruits of labor being a bit different.  We can reap the harvest in everything we encounter throughout our days, weeks, months and entire lives. Therefore, I am grateful for ALL that I harvest.  Love, Good Health, a breeze across my cheek, a kind word from someone, the love of family and friends and so much more.  Gathering up all these 'crops' is something I am thankful for each day.  I know that we celebrate and give more weight to being thankful on this fourth Thursday of November but I hope that we can wake each morning and celebrate any day as Thanksgiving no matter whether it is the first Tuesday of the month or the last Sunday. Gratitude is a state of mind and one that can be harvested at any time.  I wish you abundant harvests in all areas of your life, today and every day. And the biggest Thank You to you ALL, from the bottom of my heart for your support and encouragement in this, my latest labor of... 2stirwithlove.  


An Open Heart
Outstretching Hands
Big Lungs to Breathe in
Arms to Hug


Love and be grateful for ALL that we have, even the elements that don't seem quite pleasant as everything we receive serves to further and enrich us.

If you are hosting, I hope you are all ready and set to go, but just in case you are still in need of some dishes to make for tomorrow, here are a few suggestions.


Winter Fresh Endive  Boats


Baby Lettuces


Happy Thanksgiving stirred with oddles of LOVE