Calming Creams & Bold Blue Table

Alright, alright, so I have a plethora of tablecloths, napkins, runners, etc.  I can't seem to get enough because when I spot a material I like I want to add it to my collection. But you don't have to have as many as I do in order to create interesting table settings.  With Thanksgiving breathing down our necks, I thought you might like a table setting idea.  As you may have seen from some of my previous posts I am not one to be matchy matchy with my design.  I enjoy mixing it up and pulling from my stash to create a table-scape that suits the occasion. Just recently, we hosted a dinner for my parents' birthdays.  I wanted it to be pretty, semi-formal and calming.  What is more calming that creams and dreamy blue?  

This setting starts with a neutral cream colored tablecloth and beige napkins.  The dishes are layers of plain white, white with gold all being grounded by a gold charger.  I love using chargers for more formal settings because it ups the style ante with very little effort.  The gold gave it the touch of elegance I was looking for while the punch of color comes in the way of a bold, blue floral runner.  It's all you really need to grab some attention to the table.  

The florals for this table were cut hydrangeas from our garden as they were turning fall colors from their original white.  What a joy to be able to snip some garden life right outside my own door.  As you can see, I used little vintage jars in various sizes and colors.

From this point of the gathering all the items, it's just layering the pieces you have.   

I kept the napkin arrangement and placement simple.  I used a linen napkin holder with cream and blue stripes that kept it from being too fussy.

Also, I have beautiful crystal salt and pepper shakers that I inherited from my grandmother.  I do love using them but have often noticed that for a large group having only one set out causes the usual, Pass the Salt game.  Years ago I found these small salt and pepper which I place about the long table.  This way they are not too far from any guest.

And that's it. You may not have the exact set up as I do, but hopefully this will give you a template for building your own creams & bold punch of color table using what you have.  Take a look at what you have and begin combining tablecloths, runners, napkins in a way that creates the table-scape you envision.  Something from Nothing always turns out stylish when stirred with LOVE

You may remember this table setting from the Oh So Yummy Osso Bucco recipe.  The runner makes a perfect landing spot for all the dishes. I hope this gives you some ideas for your holiday tables.  Happy Thanksgiving!!