Creamsicle Table scape


I will not lie, I love setting a table, whether it be for an big event or brunch for 4.  Just such an occasion arose several Sundays back. While rummaging through my archives I found a photo of this table setting and remembered how fresh and clean it looked.  Why rework a good thing?  That's when I started pulling out all the same linens.  It felt like a Creamsicle and seemed appropriate to recreate for this brunch.

I like to mix and match items.  Styles and colors, high/low priced items that I find at different times from different stores or even garage sale finds.   For this table, I am starting out with a crisp white cotton tablecloth from Williams Sonoma that has bold orange borders. (Please note that I purchased this awhile ago so the link doesn't show that exact tablecloth.  However, if you are interested, here are two links with similar ones from Bed, Bath & Beyond and Ebay

I think the idea of matching everything perfectly has been replaced with coordinating some low cost, even vintage finds with items that are more refined and using what you have to create a a particular vibe. Well, at least that's how we feel in our household.  I used a mix of white china with restaurant grade dinner plates cuddling up alongside Riedel wine glasses that didn't mind mingling with vintage water glasses found at an antique shop.


I also like to layer.  It's similar to what you do in cooking, add ingredients a layer at a time to build up "flavor".  I think this effect does exactly that.  So to complement the orange border in the tablecloth, I use deep orange napkins that I purchased from World Market. In this case, these are not used as a napkin but for color punch. To pull in the blue accents we have in our dining room, and for even more depth and separation, I added deep dark blue placemats as the base layer. Then the folded orange napkin is placed on top which will be the base for the plates.


From there, I continue to build my layers by using white with a red stripe dish cloth that I picked up at Ikea. These are super inexpensive and are great as napkins.  

Folded in left side

Folded in left side

Right sided folded in to meet in the middle

Right sided folded in to meet in the middle

In order to get the red stripe showing just the way I want, I fold the long ends back onto itself on each side to meet in the middle.  Then fold in half and place on top of the plate, followed by a salad plate.  

From there just start placing the silverware and glasses around each setting.  Add some candles and of course the Purple Forest arrangement,  or purple tulips and white daisy mums and that's it.  And just the like the ice pop it reminds me of, this Creamsicle tabletop that is as crisp, clean and as refreshing as the menu.