Thankful... Again


With each passing year my heart grows with more gratitude.  My life filled with more and more blessings, and wonderment.  That's not to say that there aren't speed bumps and detours along the way.  Hell, yeah there are, but in the grand scheme, there is so very much for which to be thankful. And I choose to focus on those, and even view the speed bumps as extra caloric expenditure to pull myself up and over...another benefit! 

I try to count my blessings daily and in every way imaginable.  From the sunshine that warms me up, to crisp Fall air that fills my lungs, to getting a seat on the train away from the person coughing to all the obvious ones of happiness and health friends and family. And so, I especially look to family this year, where accomplishment and joy were the name of the game.  We rejoiced in all things big and small.

Let's get started with my favorites. My nieces and nephew. 

Gabrielle Brooke
Determined to find the right career opportunity, she searched and found a great fit at Traditions in Charlotte. As she finished her first year there, she truly made her mark and presence known including a year long anniversary campaign that showed huge improvements in business, created new exposure and increased revenue for the company. Bringing her own style and smile wherever she goes.  What a difference one rock star can make. 

Me and G (Proud aunt showed up in Charlotte for support one day!)

Me and G (Proud aunt showed up in Charlotte for support one day!)

John Joseph

Achieving similar professional accomplishments, he turned an internship at Tribute into a job, then took this small start up company by storm.  His adventurous, 'I can do anything' spirit  increased their presence in the marketplace, as he took on new levels of responsibilities, meeting entrepreneurs, movers/shakers, all the while embarking on his own business line, consistently staying true to his social consciousness and gentle spirit.  Truly paving his own path with grace and gumption.

John, on the right with colleagues meeting entrepreneurs and industry shakers.

John, on the right with colleagues meeting entrepreneurs and industry shakers.

Michella Rae
Rocked it a college firing on all cylinders.  From being a leader in her sorority, to taking no prisoners athletically in lacrosse, to shining academically, and forging her path as on-camera talent.  She's a natural and a powerhouse in all she takes on.  Take a gander at her interviewing skills here.  This was one of her first on camera interviews.  What poise and knowledge.

Michella interviewing the lacrosse MVP.

Michella interviewing the lacrosse MVP.


Gianna Marie
In her second year at my alma mater, Binghamton, excelling academically at a school that is among one of the best.  Her caring, gentle spirit and love for animals is steering her in the veterinary direction. She also resurrected her love for dancing, showcasing her talents performing choreography by a senior in the performing arts school.  Check her moves out, front and to the left in the video below.  Talent and emotion that comes from deep within.


Nicolette Grace
She has become quite the adult and chef. With all Jill's travels, her self reliant style has her cooking meals from Fresh Chef that any adult would envy.  She started High School and finished her first semester of honors classes with straight A's, all the while she continued to kick serious butt as a soccer champ, literally ripping in the winning goal on a free kick from 40 yards out (video below).  A young woman's strength in all areas pushing forward and making her mark!

A senior in H.S. with honors and embarking on college while still exploring and excelling her talents in the art world.  She is also a skilled writer and thoughtful young woman.  Her natural talent and skill are impressive.


My mom has a new knee and a new lease on life.  My dad, ever young, helping her through her recovery.  They are our rocks.  They are always there when we need them and ready to show up at any event. Living life fully and with love.

Seriously, they are amazing.

Seriously, they are amazing.

My brother came back to NY to accomplish a handful of things. Among them helping my mom with her recovery while he researched and wrote a complete new screenplay.  His writing and creative talents never cease to amaze me. We all loved having him around.  Honoring his no photo policy.  Just know he is as handsome and healthy as ever.


My sis, with grit, dedication and determination that boggles my mind, endured her 9th marathon and 7th NYC one. Running with 51K people, she finished with a time that ranked her... Get this:

  • 8% overall, yes out of 51K crazy sweaty peeps
  • Top 3% of ALL women 
  • Top 1.25% in her age group.  Crap this is elite.

Check out the video of her whizzing by.



As my other sis climbs the corporate ladder, her work ethic and stamina astounds me. She completed a year at her latest promotion at Estee Lauder, making a difference from here to Europe to Asia.  While she jet sets around, she always putting family first, as her girls know well. She never knew she was such a good juggler. Another huge accomplishment, which might seem insignificant to you all, but was huge around here...

She made it home for dinner one night by 6:30pm. 



Juan Carlos
Continues creating branded signage programs for the hospitality industry that stand out as beautiful and unique.  His latest work on the historic landmark property, The Beekman, proudly garnered much acclaim and attention.  Big bonus... he loves me.


As for me, I count all these joyous moments among my blessings, and being in a family so accomplished.  I also feel fortunate to be part of a great team at Despaña.  We are a diverse group, but right now we are charged with a strong management team made up of WOMEN!  You gotta love that. 

Feeling grateful for the few productions gigs this year which were fun and helpful $$.  My blog fills me with great joy, as you all send me wonderful notes and comments that keep my spirits bright and charge me with motivation to write and share my stories, recipes, entertaining ideas.  My children's books continue to sell. And above all, I am forever and always grateful for the good health of my family and myself.   

So, as we take a moment to reflect on what is truly important in these times when the TV news cycles have our heads spinning and tempers flaring and wondering where morality and decency have gone, I recommend a breath, a moment to inhale deeply and slowly.  Take in all the small milestones. Step back, step within and remember that the external swirling of bull crap will spin away as your inner strength deflects it from landing on our porch.  Speak up when needed, and fight for what you believe to be true and honorable.  Do your part to make a mark in the world.  All the rest is just noise. Don't let it clutter your brain and confuse where you are going and what is your purpose.  There is beauty and goodness all around us.  Just like WonderWoman, we sometimes need a big metal shield to protect us from the flying debris of life.

May you find gratitude in the small things.  May you cull them together and be enveloped in how big and great their sum becomes.  May these tiny moments kiss joy onto your heart and fill you with LOVE.

Happy Gratitude Day... every day.