Citrus Salad: Martini Style

Mother's Day is approaching and often times a sumptuous breakfast in bed is on the menu.  But if time doesn't allow for such an elaborate offering, try presenting her with this simple refreshing breakfast starter, and maybe add a bubbly glass of Proscecco.  This is such an easy way to serve up a fruit salad, but I think it's the stemless martini glass that ups the ante just enough.  

Every time I serve this salad I love hearing the 'ahs' and 'yums' from our guests.  It must be the crisp, fresh flavors of the citrus fruit blended with that pop of blueberry tartness combined with the crunch of the almonds, the sweetness of the coconut with that blast of cool mint.  Just writing that made my own mouth quench for one.  

With the Vitamin C power from the citrus, the highest of antioxidants given by the blueberry, good fatty acids and vitamin E presented by the almond, and vitamin rich coconut, this salad will put a smile on your face and energy in your step.  Heck, try it because it's delicious, the other stuff is just gravy.


3 red grapefruits, segmented
2 orange, segmented
2/3 c blueberries
1/4 c almond slivers
1/4 c coconut shavings, unsweetened
Homemade Granola (optional)

This amount makes 4 servings.



Segment the citrus fruits and place them in bowl with the blueberries. As you are cutting the fruit be sure to reserve the juices. Cut some of the mint into ribbons and add to the fruit.  Spoon the fruit mixture into a pretty cup, adding a few spoonfuls of the juices to each glass. I used stemless martini glasses. Sprinkle the coconut and almond slivers right before serving and top with a few whole mint leaves.  

I also offered my homemade granola for my guests to top off. You definitely would not want to plate it with the granola as it would get soggy.

Honestly, this is so simple but packs a powerful punch as breakfast or brunch starter.  I often serve this as part of my brunch menu.  I think if you offer this up on Sunday it will be a great start to a very Happy Mother's Day.


Postscript: It dawned on me that you could splash some Prosecco over the top to kick this into a true cocktail type brunch item.  I haven't actually tried that but, hey why not?