Lox on a What?

As some of you may know, I have a food sensitivity to wheat and try to be as wheat free as possible.  A few months back on a glorious Sunday morning, my hubby went out early to buy warm, soft, billowy bagels for our houseguests.  He also was thinking of me, as he opened the bag and pulled out scallion cream cheese and luscious lox.  I quickly went through the cupboards in search of my favorite Mary’s Gone Crackers  (gluten free!) only to find the cupboards bare.  What's a girl to do?  I peeked into the bagel bag breathing in their yeasty aromas.  I even starting eyeing the one who would be my wheat free wrecking ball. Oh, my temptation was deep but my WILL was stronger.

As I looked around the kitchen I spied an apple.  At first thought, it seemed like it might be too sweet, but upon realization that this would be my only delivery vehicle for my cream cheese-lox combo, I quickly washed and sliced away.

I knew it wouldn’t taste bad, but I had the bagel in the back of my head.

Much to my surprise the balance of flavors played off each other beautifully.  The crispness of the apple was so fresh against the creaminess of the cheese and the salty bite of the lox. An added bonus for me, since I like different textures in my food, was the apple provided a crunchiness that a bagel fails to give.  

Oh my friends, I dare say I might never be tempted by those soft billows again. The weekend is approaching and Sunday is as good a time as any for this combo.  Give it try. I would go as far to say these would make a great brunch plate or even a light appetizer for a fall party.  You might want to cut the apple with cookie cutters or into smaller bite sized pieces. If you choose to serve these in that way, squeeze some lemon juice over the apple slices to keep them from turning brown.  Heck, do that anyway, it will just enhance the overall flavor. 

Lox on a what? Yes, on an apple.